Through my creation of hats, I hope to investigate and question the status of women.
Inspired by Baroque everydaylife objects and materials, I devote myself to costumes. The scenery presented in my creations plays an important part in my work, conveying a surreal pictorial vision. I take elements of classical painting and apply them to a theatrical setting. Through graceful poses, fantastical surroundings, and using various objects (lamps, buttons, feathers) textiles and patterns of grandeur, I seek to evoke a Renaissance atmosphere. I give birth to my accessories and environments. I treat them as if they were alive and turn the character who wears them, or interacts with them, into an inanimate object or even a still life. 
The role and place of women is also a key in understanding my practice: the female protagonist becomes almost an antique statue, a piece of decoration or even a bird.